Sunday, February 5, 2012

Well here I go this being the first day as I start my blog called Blessed Quilting named after my custom longarm quilting business.  I am humbled that after almost 11 years of quilting quilts for my clients that God has allowed this business to continue growing.  I remember when I started  thinking I could make a business at longarm quilting back in 2000. I drew up a business plan, attended many quilt shows, talked to longarm quilters, etc etc. and then I sat down with my loving husband, Gary, and said I really want to do this.  I know I can make a business out of this.  He knew there would be no talking me out of this venture especially when I said to him, "You really don't want to be married to me when I turn 80 and I'm nagging you that you never let me buy that longarm quilting machine".   So on June 6, 2001 a Gammill Classic was delivered and Blessed Quilting took flight.  I'm not sure of the exact number of quilts I have quilted over the years, but I have been blessed by each quilt and its quilter.  You see when I did my business plan I didn't factor in the friendships I would develop over these past almost 11 years.  Each one of these quilters is special and they have a life story to tell. I am blessed to have shared many moments in their lives. 

I hope to learn quickly how to take care of my new blogspot and my next quest will be to put pictures of quilts on this site.  Although, I may have to enlist the help of my granddaughter, Audrey Kate.  At 13 she is far ahead of me at knowing all of this technical stuff. 

Blessings to all,

PS  Hey it worked I actually posted a picture here.  This is one of my own quilts.  It's a simple 9patch but I love the quilting.

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  1. What a great start to your blog. It looks great! Welcome to blogland!