Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Please continue to pray for all of the people affected by the tornadoes in Oklahoma.  There are not enough comforting words  to say to the people who lost everything and/or loved ones.  All I can say is please God be with all of these families.  Blessings to all.

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Blessings to all.  As I start to write this post today my thoughts have been with the family of Becky Lockett who passed away on May 14th after battling cancer.  I met Becky and her sister Moni at quilt camp at Camp Tecumseh several years ago.  Becky always had a smile on her face and I enjoyed hearing her describe the quilting project she was working on at each camp she attended.  Becky was always trying a new technique and at last September's camp she gave classes on sun painting material.  Her enthusiasm was contagious as she described and showed everyone her method of sun painting material.  Becky was also learning how to machine quilt and she and I would talk about how to freehand quilt.  I felt a closeness to Becky and Moni because in one of our conversations we discovered that they had grown up in the same town my mother was from - Streator, Illinois.  I will miss that Becky will not be attending quilt camp at Camp Tecumseh but then I know she will be watching us from above and probably guiding us along the way.  My deepest  sympathies to all of Becky's family.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Happy Mothers Day to all of you beautiful mothers.  But what does beautiful mean?  I looked up the word in Websters dictionary and it said - very pleasing to the eye, ear, mind, etc. Syn. Beautiful is applied to that which gives the highest degree of pleasure to the senses or to the mind and suggests that the object of delight approximates one's conception of an ideal.  And here all of the time I thought beauty was only skin deep.  But really when we think of all the beautiful things our mothers did for us as we were growing up those are what to me made my mother beautiful.  I remember one fall admiring a winter coat in the window of a dress shop in Lowell, Indiana where I grew up.  My Mom worked part time caring for an elderly lady so I knew she didn't make very much money.  But when Christmas came and I opened this rather large box under the Christmas there was the coat I had admired.  My Mom passed many years ago now but she left me with beautiful memories of a mother who so unselfishly gave to her daughter.  Happy Mothers Day, Mom.

Blessings to all.