Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Leap Year Day, February 29, 2012.  Today was a spring like day for Monticello 64 degreess in February is easy to take in Indiana. I am hoping that tomorrow, March 1st comes in like a lion so when it is March 31st it goes out like a lamb. I think I like the idea that we had a leap year day this year that allows me to have an extra day of being 59.  I can hardly believe it but on June 12, 2012 I will turn 60 years old.  Gracious!!  Where has the time gone?  My mother (Catherine) always told me that time goes faster the older you get.  I believe you now, Mom.

My quilting week is going pretty good.  I've posted some pictures of the quilts I 've been working on the last three days or so.  I really am the luckiest person to be able to quilt these beautiful quilts.  I absolutely love my job.  I am always in love with each quilt I am quilting.  I appreciate the love and hard work that the quilter has put into each of their quilts.  The blue batik quilt was made by Cindy S. and the pink and tan was made by Nancy S.  Great job ladies thank you for allowing me to quilt your quilts.

Monday, February 27, 2012

Well I didn't get a quilt done today, but the pictures will explain why I had to stop quilting early this evening.  Gary and I watched the North White 7th grade girls play their final game before their tourney on Saturday.  Our granddaugher, Audrey Kate, is #23 who plays center.  Mackenzie #15 plays guard and  #14 Hannah plays forward.  The girls won their final game tonight and Audrey Kate had 25 points.  We are so proud to watch all of these girls play as a team but more importantly many of the girls on the team are honor roll students.  Their parents are to be commended for all of the time and effort they put into getting these girls to practice/games on time and for seeing they keep  their grades up.  I'm sure many of you have children or grandchildren you are equally proud of and I will keep all of them in my prayers.  Thank you for letting me share.

Blessings to all.
I absolutely loved the sunshine today.  I really didn't even need to rest a quilt on the deck today the sunshine didn't need any help declaring God's beauty all around.  Even though painted birdhouses may not be all the rage, I still love this beautiful birdhouse I purchased years ago at the Flea Market in Shipshewana, Indiana from a vendor.  She did a lovely job painting the roses and greenery and I still treasure it.   So I hope your Monday has gone well and even though the wind is cold here in Indiana today my heart is warm knowing spring is only 22 days away. Can I hear a WOOO  HOOO?

When I was at Camp Tecumseh over the weekend, I ran into one of Colleen's (my quilting chicken) relatives.  Can you see the resemblance?  Colleen's in picture 3 and her cousin is in picture 4.  Colleen sends blessings of Faith, Hope and Love to Everyone.

Blessings to all.

Nancy J's quilt shop located at 1604 S. Wabash, Wabash, Indiana 46992, phone - 260-563-3505 is one of my favorite quilt shops.  Nancy's website is   If you've perused my blog you will notice that I do tend to make brightly colored quilts.  Tans and browns aren't exacctly in my color palette yet, but you never know when I could change my mind.  From the pictures below you can see why I love, love, love Nancy J's quilt shop.

Nancy J's was the quilt shop at the Camp Tecumseh quilt retreat this past weekend.  The pictures show Nancy taking a moment to let me snap her picture in her mini quilt shop set-up at camp.  This is just a touch of what Nancy offers in her shop.  I think you will agree Nancy carries some great lines of fabric as well as notions, books and embellishments.  Since I have a love of buttons it is always fun for me to look through Nancy's vast supply of buttons.  If you are in the area, stop by Nancy J's in Wabash, Indiana but be prepared to see Colors Gone Wild.

Blessings to all.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

If you love to quilt, you probably love attending quilt retreats.  Check out , phone - 765-564-2898.  Beth Wright is the director of all quilt camps and each camp has a theme. This past weekend to theme was It's Schnibbles Time. This past October Camp Tecumseh quilt retreat celebrated its "100th Quilt Camp".  If you want to have a weekend of non stop sewing, great fellowship and learn new quilting techniques then Camp Tecumseh quilt retreats are sure to fit your desires.  Oh I almost forgot to mention you can even get a great massage from Lee Anne Akers, ABMP Certified Massage Therapist from Essential Touch.  I can't speak enough of Lee Anne's great massages.

I hope you enjoy the pictures of some of the quilters and quilts that were made at the Schnibbles quilt camp.  Another joy while attending camp is you don't have to worry about what you are going to eat.  Camp offers three meals a day.  Baked Oatmeal is a standard for breakfast.  If you want to take a break from quilting Camp Tecumseh offers great trails to walk through and enjoy nature's beauty.  The zip line is a favorite for the more adventurous quilters.  The last three pictures are some quilts that I have longarm quilted for camp samples.  The first picture is a picture of Beth Wright,  Director of Quilt Camps standing in front of one of the sample quilts she made for the Schibbles camp.

Even though it is chilly in Indiana today the sun is shining brightly which always warms my heart and soul.  I can hear geese outside making a fuss about something or maybe they are just saying they are enjoying the sunshine as well. 

As promised I have some pictures to share of my friend Jan Stroud.  Jan is working on a project at the quilt retreat at Camp Tecumseh in Brookston, Indiana when she let me snap her picture.  Jan has always had a wonderful eye for color when assembling her quilt tops and the quilt behind her is no exception.  Jan's trademark colors are purple and blue and she loves to work in batiks.  I have quilted for Jan for about nine years now.  Jan has allowed me freedom all these years to quilt and add embellishments as I see fit to her quilts and wallhangings.  With this freedom I have placed yarns, ribbons, crystals, paper (yes paper), lace, netting, made beads out of egg cartons (great way to recycle), wire and anything else I think might add some zip to the quilt.  The pictures don't do the quilts justice, but I'll show them to you just for you to enjoy.  The pictures of the quilts are from a 2012 calendar Jan and her husband Bob made for me.   Jan and Bob make a great team when it comes to Jan's quilting.  Bob is always encouraging Jan and has a great eye to let Jan know if she has a block laid out wrong.  Although he won't turn a block on a quilt without Jan's approval.  Jan enjoys doing trunk shows at quilt guilds and keeps her audiences' attention during her presentation with little stories about each quilt.  I hope you have enjoyed these few pictures of Jan's amazing quilts. 

Blessings to all.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Here are some pictures I thought you might enjoy viewing of the Krazy Lady Quilt Shop at 1430 N Main St., Monticello, IN  47960, phone 574-583-0008 email The owner is Marie Stephens and she will greet you with a smile and a welcome as you enter her shop.  Marie has had her doors open for two years now and it has been a pleasure to watch her store grow. 
In one of my pictures (picture 5) you will see what Marie calls Amish Quilt Pattern with a Twist.  This the shop's block of the month which started in February and ends in June  2012.  The fabrics are by Marcus Bros.  Call Marie at 574-583-0008 for all the details to this beautiful block of the month quilt. 

Enjoy viewing the pictures, but do stop by the Krazy Lady Quilt Shop when you are in Monticello, IN.

Just a quick update as I posted before that I would be posting pictures of Jan Stroud's quilts.  I haven't forgotten.  I will be seeing Jan tomorrow at Camp Tecumseh (  quilt retreat that Jan is attending this weekend.  So do come back an view Jan's beautiful quilts and information about Camp Tecumseh quilt retreats.
Blessings to all.

Afternoon all even though it is cold and a little dreary here in Monticello, Indiana today I'm thankul for each day we don't have any snow and that Lake Freeman has not froze over.  I love to look at the lake no matter the time of the year and watch the movement of the water. 

Well it was an interesting morning quilting for me.  You see in my almost 11 years of longarm quilting I had a first this morning.  I was basting the edges down of a quilt and I obviously wasn't paying close enough attention and the needle went into my right little finger about a 1/4 of an inch from the nail.  OUCH!!  Since I was in basting mode the needle only went down one time, but it was still enough to get my little finger.  The good news is I did not get one drop of blood on the quilt.  YOO HOO!  So the picture you see below with my finger on the quilt is just  a reminder to all of you longarm quilters to please be careful.  These machines are powerful and have more tork in them than a regular sewing machine.  So that's my safety reminder to all for this day.

I also have some pictures of the quilts I've been working on lately.  I hope you enjoy viewing  them. I'll be adding some pictures of the quilt shop I was in today, just thought you might like to view the Krazy Lady Quilt Shop at 1430 N. Main St., Monticello, IN 47960 Phone 574-583-0008.

Blessings to all.