Friday, February 24, 2012

Afternoon all even though it is cold and a little dreary here in Monticello, Indiana today I'm thankul for each day we don't have any snow and that Lake Freeman has not froze over.  I love to look at the lake no matter the time of the year and watch the movement of the water. 

Well it was an interesting morning quilting for me.  You see in my almost 11 years of longarm quilting I had a first this morning.  I was basting the edges down of a quilt and I obviously wasn't paying close enough attention and the needle went into my right little finger about a 1/4 of an inch from the nail.  OUCH!!  Since I was in basting mode the needle only went down one time, but it was still enough to get my little finger.  The good news is I did not get one drop of blood on the quilt.  YOO HOO!  So the picture you see below with my finger on the quilt is just  a reminder to all of you longarm quilters to please be careful.  These machines are powerful and have more tork in them than a regular sewing machine.  So that's my safety reminder to all for this day.

I also have some pictures of the quilts I've been working on lately.  I hope you enjoy viewing  them. I'll be adding some pictures of the quilt shop I was in today, just thought you might like to view the Krazy Lady Quilt Shop at 1430 N. Main St., Monticello, IN 47960 Phone 574-583-0008.

Blessings to all.

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