Monday, February 13, 2012

Monday, February 13, 2012 -  Our group Sassie Lassie's had a great retreat at Threads of Time in Danville, IL.  Our hosts Missy and Bill and their staff were always attentive to our needs.  Saturday evening my Janome 4900 decided to stay in bobbin winding mode..  Grrrr.  It must have heard me say that I really like my old Singer better so it decided to show me who was boss and freeze in the bobbin winding mode  When the quilt shop opened back up on Sunday at noon I spoke to Bill to see if he could help me.  Within three minutes he was at my machine with his screw drivers taking my machine apart.  Luckily, he was able to get my machine going with just the touch of tightening a screw  He also cleaned and oiled my machine.  I won't tell you just how much fuzz and debris were in the bobbin area and underneath the bobbin area.  I've learned a real lesson that my sewing machine really does need to be professionally cleaned and oiled on a yearly basis.  If my machine had to go down this was the perfect place for it to happen since Threads of Time is also a Janome dealer.  Below is a picture of Bill as he was working on my machine.  What a life saver he was in getting my 4900 up and running.. 

Below are a few more pictures of quilts that were put together by our group and another group of quilters over the weekend.  I hope you enjoy viewing these beautiful quilts.  I'm also planning on attending Theads of Time again when we have warmer weather to try out the beautiful garden and picnic area that has been added.  There is even a grill out in the garden area that can be used to grill any tasty foods we might bring with us.  Bill and Missy have lovingly planted many perrenial plants for all to enjoy in the garden.

 Blessings to all.

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