Saturday, February 11, 2012

Saturday evening has been a great fellowship time for me with my fellow quilt friends, Jane, Mary, Patty and Sandy.  Sandy made beef stroganoff for us to which we added a tossed salad with strawberries and a fruit dish of fresh strawberries and blueberries.  Sandy did a fabulous job. It's amazing what that lady can do with a crock pot. She is truly a chef.  Sorry we ate so fast I didn't take pictures of our lovely meal.  We are all back at our various work stations finishing up our projects.  Below is a picture of my now finished 1600 quilt to which I added one border instead of two and purple tulips with lime green stems.  I like the look of this quilted as it is so I opted not to add the final outside border.  Sometimes you just have to stop and let your quilt be.  Jane is working on three projects simultaneously.  Mary is starting her first 1600 quilt in black and white prints.  Sandy is ironing backing material.  Patty has made what looks like a second quilt, but she is using it as her backing for a quilt she made for her husband.  What a lucky guy.  I've taken a few pictures below just to show you how hard everyone is working. 

I also took some pictures of the Threads of Time shop this afternoon.  The pictures are only a small part of this great quilt shop.  It may be a very cold February night here in Danville, IL, but our hearts are warm inside to have this opportunity to share and time with each other and to enjoy the joy of quilting. 

Blessings to all,


  1. Danville is one of my most favorite places for a retreat - lots of room, clean, they furnish towels and sheets, nice big kitchen area, several showers

  2. What a great idea to applique on a 1600! I've got to try that.

    1. I got the applique idea from a quilt Jan Stroud had done on a Turning 20 quilt pattern. I figured why not applique on the 1600 I am happy with the look, but there are so many ways we can do the applique that the sky is the limit. On the black/white quilt that Mary did she just put one bouquet of tulips on her quilt, but the look is still great.. Thanks for looking.