Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Blessings all.  I have to tell on myself in the hopes that someone else won't make this mistake.  When I was at Threads of Time Quilt Retreat Center last weekend I was using my rotary cutter.  I mentioned to my friend Jane O that I had been going through a lot of rotary cutter blades and the blades seemed to dull easily.  Jane asked me if I had my blade in the wrong side of my rotary cutter and guess what I did!!! I had the blade on the left side of my Olfa rotary cutter instead of the right side (since I am right handed).  My blade kept rubbing up against my ruler and duh!! it dulled the blade.  So make sure you have your blade in the correct side depending upon whether you are right or left handed.    Hey if this little note helps  someone then I am glad I could help someone.  But then I'm sure none of you would be placing your rotary cutting blade on the wrong side of your rotary cutter.  I won't show you the picture of me with egg on my face.

Blessings to all. 

Monday, May 28, 2012

Memorial Day originally called Decoration Day started in the 1860's and was first observed on May 30, 1868.  Memorial Day was established to recognize and remember all of the fallen soldiers who had died in service to our country.  Today we seem to recognize Memorial Day weekend as the official start to summer and we celebrate with picnics.  Let us not forget that we can celebrate the start of summer only because of the bravery of the fallen soldiers who died to allow us our freedom.  As a child I remember Memorial Day being called Decoration Day because all of the graves of soldiers were recognized by a flag being placed on their grave.  The decorating of flags on soldiers' graves was a service that I participated in since I was a Girl Scout.  I hope everyone who reads this short post takes time to recognize and remember all of the fallen soldiers.

Blessings to all.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Blessings everyone.  I have to tell you that I snuck away yesterday and I'm in Danville, IL at the Threads of Time Quilt Shop and Retreat Center.  I will be back home tonight, but I arrived here about 9:15 am yesterday and I got the Double the Fun quilt pattern by Kate Spain and Sherri McConnell put together.  I love the illusion this quilt shows and I can't wait to get it quilted.  I'll have to put my name on my quilting calendar.

I also finished the batik 1600 quilt I previously posted when it was in the uncut material stage, strip stage and then put together.  I added circles to this quilt and I absolutely think the circles finished this quilt off beyond my expectations.  I do not plan to add borders because I feel it is complete as it looks.  I want to hang this quilt on the 20' wall in my foyer.  I can already envision this quilt hanging in my foyer.  I can hardly contain my excitement for this quilt.

Jane O. has put several quilts together while at the retreat.  She brought with her orphan blocks she has accumulated over the years and put them all together to make her quilt.  The picture of this quilt doesn't do it justice.  So don't be afraid to put all of your orphan blocks together.  Jane has blocks that are stars, snowmen, vw beetle cars. birthday cake, people and some blocks she redesigned to fit the quilt.  She has put three quilts together and is starting her fourth quilt now.  I wish I had her energy. 

There are two other groups of ladies here at the retreat.  Most are from the Champain-Urbana area of Illinois.  I love spending time with quilters.  We are from all walks of life, all ages and each lady is unique.    The paper pieced cats with the mice in the sashing is just one of those unique quilts made by Debbie D-W.  I find it interesting that the mice have herded the cats into the center of the quilt.  These mice must be related to Mighty Mouse.  I must be showing my age, Mighty Mouse was a cartoon character I remember as a child.  Another unique quilt was made by Brenda and her grandson.  I think the construction implements show well on this quilt.

I've also posted some pictures of the garden area here at the Retreat Center.  We sat out on the veranda area last night and ate our supper.  The garden is such a serene area to be in anytime of the day and the water feature is soothing to hear.  Bill and Missy have made the garden area a truly special garden to enjoy.  There are many plants and flowers to enjoy along with the sweet smells from the roses.

Enjoy your weekend.  Blessings to all.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Blessings all.  Well I went with the red thread on the red, white and blue quilt.  Thanks to my good friend Sue K. a fellow longarm quilter she said how about red thread and Voila! perfect.  Thanks Sue.  I am stitching out the pattern and I am well pleased with the look of the red thread.  Whew!  another challenge taken care of.

And how about my flowers and perennials that are in bloom.  I love the purple perrenials.  I think they are called disappearing orchids.  And the yellow flower that makes me think of my Dad now has a whole family visiting.  I don't know why, but this year I am enjoying my flowers with a new appreciation of God's beauty.  I get excited to see how the flowers are changing day to day and the intricate beauty each one offers.  I'm beginning to see flowers are like people each has an inner beauty if we would just take the time to appreciate each one.

I have to do some grandma bragging for my four grandchildren aka "the dumplings" who are in school.  Carly, our four year old completed her first year of pre-school with flying colors.  Audrey Kate, Jacob and Abigale are experiencing their last day of school today (I'm not sure if mom, Kristen is ready) but I know Eli (aka Boom-Boom, age 2) is ready to have his brother and sisters home all of the time.  Audrey Kate, Jacob and Abigale excelled this year in school and were placed on the honor roll all year.  Abigale is one of the top five readers in all of the first grade classes at her school.  I'm sure everyone out there is proud of their children and grandchildren so my hat is off to all of the children, after all, they are our future.

Blessings to all.

Red, White and Blue Quilt.  What thread to use.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Blessings Everyone.  I hope you're week has been pleasant.  I've been a busy little bee this week.  I've posted some pictures of the quilt I just took off of my machine tonight.  Gracious it took me longer to quilt this quilt than my total labor time to deliver my two children.  Yes, one of my children I had at home accidentally, but that's another story.  I am so happy to have completed this quilt and I am very happy with the results of this quilt done by Pam S. (Pictures 4 through 8) This was one of those big quilts measuring out at 91x108.  I believe Pam said the pattern is called Jubilee Celebration.  I know I'm celebrating now that it is quilted.  Thanks Pam for allowing me to quilt your quilt.

Pictures 1 through 3 are the quilt Cindy S. made. Cindy made this quilt to give as a gift for a gentleman.  I tried to choose masculine quilting for this quilt since the theme material was of animals in the wild.  Cindy always does a great piecing which makes my job easier.  I so appreciate your talent, Cindy.

I have to share this quick story.  My husband, Gary, was putting new screens in our patio doors last weekend.  He put in the animal proof screening, because our cat, Tom, was a bad kitty and practically had one screen in pieces.  Gary was having trouble cutting the screening until I gave him one of my old Olfa Rotary Cutters.  Let's just say the job is completed and my old Olfa Rotary Cutter is now in Gary's tool box.  So ladies if you have any old Olfa Rotary Cutters you're not using, your husband or significant other might appreciate it.

Blessings to all.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

And Happy Saturday Afternoon.  I've been quilting all day and its been fun finishing up the quilts for this past week.  When I am finished I do plan to get outside and enjoy the beautiful weather we've been given today.  I hope its not too hot for the Indianapolis 500 Time Trials.

I've posted a few pictures of what I've been working on and some material that I plan on using for my next quilt.  There are some lovely pieces of material in my stash that I've been building on for my next quilt.  I found a pattern called Double the Fun designed by Kate Spain ( and Sherri McConnell (  The pattern is in Better Homes and Gardens Quilts and More - Spring 2012 magazine.  I bought the magazine just for this  pattern because I love the illusion of the pieces seeming to float on the quilt.  I plan to only do one side, but you can do this quilt as a double sided quilt. 

What a happy week I've had quilting those beautiful quilts.  I am trying to break out of my color pallete of pink, pink, pink but the quilt Cindy S. did with the pink Kaffe material is hard to resist.  I just completed a baby quilt that had butterflies in the material so I placed butterflies all over the quilt.  This will be one lucky baby who receives this quilt. 

And lets here it for the new blue pillowcases I made this week for my bed.  I don't have my new white quilt yet, but atleast I have the pillowcases made and on the new pillows I just bought.  The pillows are very robust in size.  I was worried at first that my pillowcases would be too small for the pillows, but as you can see they fit nicely.  Our bedroom is looking better each day, but I'm still not done "sprucing up". 

Well I'm off to go spray paint the tan wicker chair that is in my bedroom.  I think a nice fresh coat of white paint will "spruce up" this old chair nicely.  The chair was a rocker and I discovered I could take off the rocker part and save some space in my bedroom.  I'll post some before and after pictures, that is if the chair turns out okay.  Enjoy your afternoon.

Blessings to all.

Happy Saturday Everyone!!!  I love Saturdays.  Saturdays are a freeing day for me.  I woke up early this morning, too early. I knew it was too early because the birds weren't chirping yet. Our cat "Tom"  decided he wanted to wake me up and came to the patio door with his meow let me in call.  He is now in the garage probably sleeping away and I'm wide awake.  When I wake up "too early"  I figure I'm supposed to say extra prayers.  Once I've said my prayers I usually can go back to sleep.  But the birds are chirping as if they are a full choir outside and I really am wide awake now.   I did say a little prayer for my daughter, Kristen, who is working the rural mail route today in Reynolds.  Be safe daughter.

My mind is on a quilt that is still loaded on my machine.  Cindy S's flannel quilt is almost finished.  I just have the bottom border and a small area on a side border to complete.  I worked until 11 o'clock last night but suddenly the "yawnies" hit me and I knew it was time to stop quilting.  As soon as Cindy's quilt is completed and I have a baby quilt next in line that I need to finish today.  Maybe it was a good thing that "Tom" woke me up early.  I'll have to give him a little milk to thank him.

I got a little behind my quilt schedule this week due to two doctor's apointments and one dentist appointment.  I don't know about you, but I am always relieved when the hygienist and the dentist say "keep up the good work your teeth look great". Sigh!!  The ENT doctor said your hearing is great for a woman who is going to turn "60".  There it is just what does that mean "for a woman who is going to turn "60"!  Now I have no excuse when I tell Gary, "sorry I didn't hear you". And the last appointment with my regular doctor who said I don't need to see you for awhile just keep monitoring your blood pressure.  Aaahh, thank you Lord.  There really is truth in the statement, "If you have good health, you have it all."

I hear a bass boat out on the lake.  I wonder if the fish are biting today?

Enjoy your Saturday everyone.  Blessings to all.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Happy 3 o'clock everyone!!  It is an absolutely gorgeous day here today.  The sun is shinging brightly, there is a slight breeze, the lake is calm except for an occasional boat and I wish I was outside.  But duty calls as I am finishing up a quilt by Jane O. 

I did run out briefly to take some pictures of some of the beautiful flowers and plants I received for Mothers Day from my family.  Perennials and annuals were given as gifts and each plant brings peace to me along with a smile as I gaze at God's beauty.  I can't pick a favorite flower or plant because each one of them is special to me.  I have one little yellow flower blooming on  the plant in picturre #4.  This plant was given to me when my father passed away in 2001.  I can hardly believe that my Dad has been gone for almost 11 years.  The little yellow flowers will always make me think of my Dad.

My rose bush is a bounty of beauty.  There might be 75-100 blooms out on this bush right now.  I could smell the sweet scent of these roses this morning as I was standing outside on the deck above the roses.  I am blessed. 

Don't forget to stop and smell the roses.

Blessings to all.

Friday, May 11, 2012

I just had to stop and "smell the roses" today.  Obviously, you can't smell their sweet fragrance, but if you want to stop by and smell the roses please do.  This bush is about a month ahead of its normal schedule, but I am enjoying their beauty and appreciate how such a beautiful flower awakens my senses to all that is around me. 

And before I forget, Happy Mothers' Day to all of you mothers out there.

I had to show you some pictures of a quilt I just finished for Jane O.  As I have said before I love colorful quilts and this quilt doesn't disappoint.  This is a 1600 quilt that Jane added a fused on applique bouquet of flowers.  The applique piece is easy for my quilters to do, because all they have to do is fuse on their applique and I will stitch it down as I am longarm quilting their quilt.  I go around the applique piece changing threads to match the applique as needed.  I then quilt the quilting pattern onto the quilt.  I think the applique piece jazzs up the simplicity of the 1600 quilt pattern.  I still don't have my 1600 quilts quilted, but that's okay.  I love, love, love the colors in this quilt.   So what do you think of this quilt?

Blessings to all and Happy Mothers' Day!