Saturday, May 19, 2012

And Happy Saturday Afternoon.  I've been quilting all day and its been fun finishing up the quilts for this past week.  When I am finished I do plan to get outside and enjoy the beautiful weather we've been given today.  I hope its not too hot for the Indianapolis 500 Time Trials.

I've posted a few pictures of what I've been working on and some material that I plan on using for my next quilt.  There are some lovely pieces of material in my stash that I've been building on for my next quilt.  I found a pattern called Double the Fun designed by Kate Spain ( and Sherri McConnell (  The pattern is in Better Homes and Gardens Quilts and More - Spring 2012 magazine.  I bought the magazine just for this  pattern because I love the illusion of the pieces seeming to float on the quilt.  I plan to only do one side, but you can do this quilt as a double sided quilt. 

What a happy week I've had quilting those beautiful quilts.  I am trying to break out of my color pallete of pink, pink, pink but the quilt Cindy S. did with the pink Kaffe material is hard to resist.  I just completed a baby quilt that had butterflies in the material so I placed butterflies all over the quilt.  This will be one lucky baby who receives this quilt. 

And lets here it for the new blue pillowcases I made this week for my bed.  I don't have my new white quilt yet, but atleast I have the pillowcases made and on the new pillows I just bought.  The pillows are very robust in size.  I was worried at first that my pillowcases would be too small for the pillows, but as you can see they fit nicely.  Our bedroom is looking better each day, but I'm still not done "sprucing up". 

Well I'm off to go spray paint the tan wicker chair that is in my bedroom.  I think a nice fresh coat of white paint will "spruce up" this old chair nicely.  The chair was a rocker and I discovered I could take off the rocker part and save some space in my bedroom.  I'll post some before and after pictures, that is if the chair turns out okay.  Enjoy your afternoon.

Blessings to all.

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