Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Blessings all.  I have to tell on myself in the hopes that someone else won't make this mistake.  When I was at Threads of Time Quilt Retreat Center last weekend I was using my rotary cutter.  I mentioned to my friend Jane O that I had been going through a lot of rotary cutter blades and the blades seemed to dull easily.  Jane asked me if I had my blade in the wrong side of my rotary cutter and guess what I did!!! I had the blade on the left side of my Olfa rotary cutter instead of the right side (since I am right handed).  My blade kept rubbing up against my ruler and duh!! it dulled the blade.  So make sure you have your blade in the correct side depending upon whether you are right or left handed.    Hey if this little note helps  someone then I am glad I could help someone.  But then I'm sure none of you would be placing your rotary cutting blade on the wrong side of your rotary cutter.  I won't show you the picture of me with egg on my face.

Blessings to all. 


  1. Hi Marilyn, My blades are all on the side closest to the ruler. Is that wrong?
    I think your yahoo mail has been hacked. I got a really strange email from you.

  2. Marilyn - I'm left-handed, and my blades are also always facing my ruler, holding my rotary cutter in my left hand. This is the way the rotary cutter came, Olfa.