Monday, October 29, 2012

Happy Last Monday of October!  Where has the month gone?  I can't believe just how fast time goes.  My mother always told me time goes faster as you grow older.  I'm believing every word of Mom's observation.

Last week was productive as far as quilting clients' quilts goes.  I did have just a moment when my mind kept thinking back to being in Shipshewana for the Threads of Mine 3rd Annual Quilt Retreat.  Oh, what a great retreat with many great memories and four quilt tops to show for it.  I told
Gary see I didn't play all the time.  I'm still thrilled that I completed four quilt tops.  Now just to have the time to quilt them.

I've posted a few pictures below of last weeks quilts that were quilted by me and the Statler.  I still enjoy being able to freehand quilt .  There is a feeling of accomplishment when I freehand but thank goodness the Statler can take over as well.  I have developed a cyst in my leff wrist due to the years of repititive movement so the doctor says.  So I do appreciate the Statler when it takes over.  I did quilt four quilts last week but have pictures of three since the football quilt is the same quilt, but with different colored rectangles.  Joyce T did a beautiful job on the football quilts and the turquoise/green mum quilt.  The Mum Quilt was what I fondly refer to as "A Big Boy Quilt" due to its massive size.  The Thimbleblossoms material quilt was pieced by Ruth B.  I love any Thimbleblossoms material so it was a joy to quilt this quilt.  Ruth chose a cream colored flowered backing for this quilt which really showed the beautiful quilting pattern I chose by Nancy Haacke  I didn't post a picture of the backside since I couldn't get a good picture.  Any suggestions on how to take a picture of light colored material would be greatly appreciated.

Well that's it for now.  The quilts are calling me, but they'll have to wait until this afternoon since Audrey Kate and Jacob are here.  They are still on fall break so they wanted to spend the night with Grandma and Grandpa.  I can never say no since I know the day may come when they are too busy to spend the night.  I fixed a big breakfast of french toast, scrambled eggs with cheese, sausage and a creamsicle smoothie topped with whip creme.  Now what to fix for lunch?  Any suggestions?

Blessings to all.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Happy Rainy Tueday Everyone!  I woke up this morning to a boom-boom crack BOOM, nature was sure playing a symphony on the drums this morning.  I know it must have rained a lot because the creek in the ravene has been rushing with water all day. 

I'm happy to report that my good friend Jane went through her knee replacement surgery this morning with flying colors.  Jane's doctor told her her perseverance in riding her stationery bike for the last seven weeks paid off.  I answered my phone to hear Jane's voice say, "Do you have my quilt quilted yet?"  I couldn't get over how great she sounded this afternoon.  She had already been up walking twice.  What a strong lady!!  Keep up the hard work, Jane. 

I was so pleased that Jane S. brought her homemade soaps to the Threads of Mine quilt retreat last week.  I absolutely love Jane's homemade soaps.  I purchased three of her many scents - Luscious Lavendar, Cinnamon Bark and Vanilla Bean.  The bars are 4.5 oz and last a very long time.  If you are interested you can email Jane at for prices and scents available. 

Just in case you were wondering if I accomplished any quilting at the Threads of Mine retreat, I've posted pictures of the four, yes count them four quilt tops.  Some were larger than others, but I was thrilled to have put four together. I just had to use the batik jelly roll pack I purchased from Calico Point and made a 1600 quilt..  This was the first time I added 2 1/2" squares to the end of each strip.  I am pleased with the look, but I do plan to add a 2 1/2" border in the lime green around the entire quilt and add a wide border around the lime green.  I also plan to add one wide red border to the red and green chevron quilt and a white border to the blue and white quilt.  I already made the blue and white quilt pattern, but I just couldn't get out of my head to use all blue color material for this quilt.  My vision was the ocean and the deeper blue colors represent the deeper water and then the rows begin to lighten with each row as you get to the top of the quilt.  This is my third quilt I made this year with Moda white fabric and I love each quilt.  I think I may be out of my white stage for now.  The last quilt I made is actually a table top size quilt.  I used one Blitzen charm pack a one inch finished white border and a six inch outer border of Blitzen yardage fabric.  The top measures 41" x 45 1/2" and only took me about one hour to make.  I was well pleased with the results.  So if you need a quick project charm packs can help you get the job done fast.  Now I just have to book some dates so I can get these quilts quilted.

Blessings to all.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Happy Monday Everyone.  I had way too much fun last week in Shipshewana, IN at the Threads of Mine annual quilt retreat.  Can I use that for my excuse for not blogging to everyone sooner?  Jane O and I started with a tastey pretzel from JoJo's Pretzels along with my much loved vanilla Coke. (Cindy S. we were thinking of you when we were at JoJo's) We stopped at Calico Point Quilt Shop around Goshen, Indiana along the way, Lolly's Quilt Shop and Yoders's Quilt Shop in Shipshewana.  In fact we frequented Lolly's and Yoders' nearly everyday of the retreat.  If you've never made it to Shipshewana, Indiana you really should work a stop into your schedule.  Since we arrived on Wednesday we were able to walk through the Flea Market in Shipshewana.  The Flea Market is open May through October on Tuesdays and Wednesdays only.  Jane and I could hardly get over the absolutely beautiful weather we had on Wednesday so it was wonderful to enjoy the flea market in our shirt sleeves. 

Our Threads of Mine retreat started on Thursday with 73 ladies from all over the United States in attendance.  I've attended all three of the retreats since its start and I always am amazed at the talent that is displayed at our show and tell nights.  To not take too much valued time from the quilters we display our quilts in the large gathering room and everyone walks around  and ooh's and aaah's at all of the beautiful quilts.  You can see in my pictures some of the beautiful quilt  tops, wallhangings,  etc. that were completed during the retreat. I would not want to pick my favorite quilt since they were all so beautiful.  And isn't the little snowman just a cutie pattootie?  I'll post more picturs of more quilts in the coming days.

I was so excited that my niece Wendy and her youngest daughter, Yara, were able to meet me for lunch last Friday.  We ate at the Garden Gate Cafe on Morton Street in Shipshewana for lunch.  The Garden Gate has a great menu of soups, salads, delicious sandwiches, muffins, cupcakes and drinks.  In fact I ate there several times and it was always hard to choose which item to devour for lunch.  Let's just say I think I could eat there everyday for a month and not repeat the menu.  I had such fun spending time with Wendy and getting to know Yara. I think Yara especially enjoyed her pink cupcake.  Isn't she the cutest little girl?   Thanks Wendy for taking the time to visit it was so good to see you.

I did complete four quilt tops at the retreat, although, I've decided to add borders to three of the tops.  I'll post pictures at another time, but I do hope you enjoy the pictures of the quilts that the ladies at the retreat completed.  And a great big THANK YOU to Ruth Wasmuth our devoted and organized leader of the retreat.  I can't wait until next years' retreat.  I can't imagine October going by without spending some time at the Threads of Mine Quilt Retreat in Shipshewana, Indiana.

Blessings to all.


Saturday, October 13, 2012

Cloudy, rainy but still a bit of warmth here in Monticello, Indiana today.  Happy Saturday everyone. Fall isn't  really my favorite season but as I was looking out the kitchen window today the beauty of the trees showing new shades of color absolutely made me stop and appreciate God's beauty.  I snaped a few pictures, but I don't know if they will really do justice to the beauty that I am allowed to gaze at today.  How about you what do you see when you look out your window?  Take some time to enjoy the beauty that is right out your window.

Blessings to all.

Friday, October 12, 2012

Happy, happy Friday!  I love Fridays especially since I am gearing into vacation mode.  I did quilt four quilts this week and I was so excited to have the quilts all completed that in my haste I mailed them off without taking pictures.  Yes, I know I'm bad.  I did take a picture of what will be a tablerunner.  Actually, I was just testing out a pattern (and isn't it just lovely) that Nancy Haacke has on her October Masters Club page.  I love this pattern, it gives a lot of movement and dimension to the quilt.  I did use two layers of Hobbs 80/20 on the tablerunner and I used Glide thread in red.  I think for just practicing on a pattern I got a cute tablerunner with hardly any effort.

I am excited because I will be on a quilt retreat part of next week.  I will be attending the Threads of Mine quilt retreat to be held at the Farmstead Inn in Shipshewana, Indiana.  I mean what more could you want, Shipshewana, quilters, quilt shops, JoJo's Pretzels, Garden Gate Cafe (which serves absolutely scrumptous soups, sandwiches, etc).  Jane O and I will probably make JoJo's one of our first stops when we hit Shipshewana.  I will indulge in a JoJo's pretzel and a Vanilla Coke and I don't care what the calorie count is for that combination.  Maybe, I'll just walk back to the Farmstead and burn some of those calories off.  I am trying to choose how many quilt projects I think I will be able to complete.  I do want to make a Chevron Quilt that the Missouri Start Quilt Company showed as one of their tutorials.  I like simple piecing projects with lots of color.  I plan to use one layer cake of white by Moda and a Joy layer cake by Kate Spain as my project materials.  I decided I wanted another Christmas quilt so the Joy fabric will fit the bill. I already have in mind to use a snowman digitized quilt pattern by Nancy Haacke for this quilt. Since I belong to Nancy's Master Club and she sent us a snowmen pattern I just know this quilt will look spectacular.  The chevron quilt without borders finishes at 72 x 86 and I plan to add an 8-10" border so this should make a nice size quilt once it is completed.  I can hardly wait to get started on this quilt.  (Can you tell I'm excited?!!!!)

Have a great weekend everyone.  Blessings to all.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Well happy Sunday everyone.  This week certainly flew by for me, but then I did quilt eight quilts/wallhangings/placemats of various sizes.  I am so happy to have all of those lovely items quilted and all but one is back with its rightful owner.  I'm glad I could stay in "my zone" and fulfill by objective to have those items completed.  I have found that if I concentrate on the day's work at hand I don't stress myself out about how many quilts I need to complete for the week.  Since each quilt is always so special to its owner I want each quilt to always look the best it can look.

I did get to have some fun this weekend.  My brother John and I were able to visit our Aunt Helen.  Isn't she beautiful at 93 years young.  And let me tell you Aunt Helen is sharp.  I hope my memory is as sharp as hers as I continue to mature.  We had many subjects we discussed and memories to share, but the one conversation that has stayed with me is why our congress refuses to work together for the good of all of our entire people.  Aunt Helen said in all of her years she has never seen our congress be so unwilling to work together. My prayers will continue for our congress to come together for the good of our country.

I was also able to enjoy visiting my cousin Patti.  Patti and I were almost inseparable at times when we were in high school.  We hadn't seen each other in over ten years so it was so much fun to be able to reconnect again. I think we look pretty good for 60 year olds.

Blessings to all.