Monday, October 29, 2012

Happy Last Monday of October!  Where has the month gone?  I can't believe just how fast time goes.  My mother always told me time goes faster as you grow older.  I'm believing every word of Mom's observation.

Last week was productive as far as quilting clients' quilts goes.  I did have just a moment when my mind kept thinking back to being in Shipshewana for the Threads of Mine 3rd Annual Quilt Retreat.  Oh, what a great retreat with many great memories and four quilt tops to show for it.  I told
Gary see I didn't play all the time.  I'm still thrilled that I completed four quilt tops.  Now just to have the time to quilt them.

I've posted a few pictures below of last weeks quilts that were quilted by me and the Statler.  I still enjoy being able to freehand quilt .  There is a feeling of accomplishment when I freehand but thank goodness the Statler can take over as well.  I have developed a cyst in my leff wrist due to the years of repititive movement so the doctor says.  So I do appreciate the Statler when it takes over.  I did quilt four quilts last week but have pictures of three since the football quilt is the same quilt, but with different colored rectangles.  Joyce T did a beautiful job on the football quilts and the turquoise/green mum quilt.  The Mum Quilt was what I fondly refer to as "A Big Boy Quilt" due to its massive size.  The Thimbleblossoms material quilt was pieced by Ruth B.  I love any Thimbleblossoms material so it was a joy to quilt this quilt.  Ruth chose a cream colored flowered backing for this quilt which really showed the beautiful quilting pattern I chose by Nancy Haacke  I didn't post a picture of the backside since I couldn't get a good picture.  Any suggestions on how to take a picture of light colored material would be greatly appreciated.

Well that's it for now.  The quilts are calling me, but they'll have to wait until this afternoon since Audrey Kate and Jacob are here.  They are still on fall break so they wanted to spend the night with Grandma and Grandpa.  I can never say no since I know the day may come when they are too busy to spend the night.  I fixed a big breakfast of french toast, scrambled eggs with cheese, sausage and a creamsicle smoothie topped with whip creme.  Now what to fix for lunch?  Any suggestions?

Blessings to all.

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