Sunday, October 7, 2012

Well happy Sunday everyone.  This week certainly flew by for me, but then I did quilt eight quilts/wallhangings/placemats of various sizes.  I am so happy to have all of those lovely items quilted and all but one is back with its rightful owner.  I'm glad I could stay in "my zone" and fulfill by objective to have those items completed.  I have found that if I concentrate on the day's work at hand I don't stress myself out about how many quilts I need to complete for the week.  Since each quilt is always so special to its owner I want each quilt to always look the best it can look.

I did get to have some fun this weekend.  My brother John and I were able to visit our Aunt Helen.  Isn't she beautiful at 93 years young.  And let me tell you Aunt Helen is sharp.  I hope my memory is as sharp as hers as I continue to mature.  We had many subjects we discussed and memories to share, but the one conversation that has stayed with me is why our congress refuses to work together for the good of all of our entire people.  Aunt Helen said in all of her years she has never seen our congress be so unwilling to work together. My prayers will continue for our congress to come together for the good of our country.

I was also able to enjoy visiting my cousin Patti.  Patti and I were almost inseparable at times when we were in high school.  We hadn't seen each other in over ten years so it was so much fun to be able to reconnect again. I think we look pretty good for 60 year olds.

Blessings to all.

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