Thursday, August 15, 2013

Another beautiful quilt pieced by Pam S.  I need a lot of practice before I can achieve the intermediate level of piecing Pam is at.  Thanks Pam great quilt.

Halloween is just around the corner. If your looking for the pattern and material for this quilt stop by Nancy J's located at 1604 S Wabash, Wabash, IN.  Nancy and her friendly and knowledgable are always happy to help you.

I absolutely love this quilt with its happy and bright colors.  It's hard to believe this quilt and the red, white and blue quilt are the same pattern.  Nancy J's can supply you with this pattern and material as well.

Am I lucky or what to have all of these beautiful quilts to quilt.  Blessings to all.

Greetings all from beautiful Monticello, Indiana, USA.  It was one of those crisps mornings that made you realize that fall isn't far away.  I enjoy spring through fall and winter isn't my most favorite time of the year, but the beauty of winter can be spectacular.

I've quilted five quilts this week and I am working on a sixth quilt now.  As I am quilting I always wonder what was going on in the quilter's life when they were piecing the top.  Were they home by themselves, at a quilt shop sew in day, or at a quilt retreat with their sweet quilting friends putting their quilt top together.  Was their joy in their life or sadness or was life peaceful.  I do say a little prayer for the quilter and their family because you just never know if a prayer is needed in someone's life.  To me a quilt is a silent, secret diary of days gone by in the quilter's life that only the quilter and the quilt know about. Maybe this is why I don't put a label on my own quilts when they are finished.  The quilt and I are the only ones that know.  And the quilt doesn't tell my secrets.  I do secretly sign my quilt, though it may be hard to find my signature on some of my quilts.  And the only reason I sign them now is to be able to identify the quilt if it were lost or stolen.  I hope the "quilt police" don't look upon me unkindly for not putting a label on my quilt.  But then I think that is the joy of quilting we get to do whatever we want with our own quilts.

Blessings to all and enjoy the day you have been given.

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Thought I'd better take some pictures of these beautiful quilts since they will be going home shortly.  I was really drawn to the softness of this quilt that Sharon put together.  It is a comforting quilt to look at.  It should make her bedroom look inviting to sleep in.

Joann has another winning quilt here.  Joann is always humble about her level of experience in piecing her quilts, but I for one think she does a great job with her constructing and her color placement.  Great job, Joann!

This the backside of Joann's quilt.

A close up of Sharon's quilt.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Greetings everyone.  It's been a busy week quilting with five quilts completed and hopefully two more will be completed by Friday.  I will post more pictures, I promise.

I should be settling down for a good night's sleep, but the word thankful keeps going through my mind. I started to look up what the dictionary defines thankful as, but then I thought what am I thankful for or what makes me feel thankful.  So here goes . . . . .

1.   I am thankful that I have a Heavenly Father who watches over me.
2.   I am thankful I married Gary instead of, well lets just leave it at that.
3.   I am thankful that I live in a country where I am free to have my own opinions.
4.   I am thankful for the beauty that I see when I look out my window.
5.   I am thankful that my parents brought me up to be respectful to everyone.
6.   I am thankful for my family that is still here on this earth.
7.   I am thankful that with each new day I am given that I can try to do better at . .
8.   I am thankful for JoJo's pretzels and a vanilla Coke.
9.   I am thankful for the beautiful quilts I am allowed to quilt.
10. I am even more thankful for the friendships I've made because of quilting.

 How about you?  What does thankful mean to you?

Blessings to all.

Monday, August 5, 2013

Karen H. did a beautiful job on her snowman quilt.  Karen said she only has 90 buttons to sew on this quilt now that the quilting is completed.  The quilting was done with 95% freehand quilting and 5% computerized quilting.  I will admit it was fun to freehand quilt for a change even though my hands were sore when I was done.  Thanks Karen for allowing me to quilt this quilt.

And isn't this quilt just stunning that Joann pieced from a Block of the Month Club.  I thought she said she was giving this quilt away.  All I can say is the new owner is one lucky person.  Even though this quilt took many hours to quilt I was happy with the results.  I hope Joann will be too.

Like I've said before I really am blessed to have the opportunity to quilt these beautiful quilts.  Blessings to all.