Saturday, May 19, 2012

Happy Saturday Everyone!!!  I love Saturdays.  Saturdays are a freeing day for me.  I woke up early this morning, too early. I knew it was too early because the birds weren't chirping yet. Our cat "Tom"  decided he wanted to wake me up and came to the patio door with his meow let me in call.  He is now in the garage probably sleeping away and I'm wide awake.  When I wake up "too early"  I figure I'm supposed to say extra prayers.  Once I've said my prayers I usually can go back to sleep.  But the birds are chirping as if they are a full choir outside and I really am wide awake now.   I did say a little prayer for my daughter, Kristen, who is working the rural mail route today in Reynolds.  Be safe daughter.

My mind is on a quilt that is still loaded on my machine.  Cindy S's flannel quilt is almost finished.  I just have the bottom border and a small area on a side border to complete.  I worked until 11 o'clock last night but suddenly the "yawnies" hit me and I knew it was time to stop quilting.  As soon as Cindy's quilt is completed and I have a baby quilt next in line that I need to finish today.  Maybe it was a good thing that "Tom" woke me up early.  I'll have to give him a little milk to thank him.

I got a little behind my quilt schedule this week due to two doctor's apointments and one dentist appointment.  I don't know about you, but I am always relieved when the hygienist and the dentist say "keep up the good work your teeth look great". Sigh!!  The ENT doctor said your hearing is great for a woman who is going to turn "60".  There it is just what does that mean "for a woman who is going to turn "60"!  Now I have no excuse when I tell Gary, "sorry I didn't hear you". And the last appointment with my regular doctor who said I don't need to see you for awhile just keep monitoring your blood pressure.  Aaahh, thank you Lord.  There really is truth in the statement, "If you have good health, you have it all."

I hear a bass boat out on the lake.  I wonder if the fish are biting today?

Enjoy your Saturday everyone.  Blessings to all.

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