Saturday, February 11, 2012

We arrived at Threads of Time Quilt Shop and Retreat in Danville, IL on Friday morning.  What a great facility.  The owners, our host Missy and Bill Gouty, welcomed us with broad smiles  and have been most helpful and accommodating.   Our check-in hostess for the retreat, Pam, gave us our tour and showed us to our room and sewing area. The sleeping rooms are each decorated with a different theme and each has its own quilt hanging.  Our towels were set on our bed with a chocolate treat to enjoy. In no time we had our suitcases in our rooms and our sewing machines set-up.  What to do first sew or shop in the quilt shop.  Everything under one roof who could ask for more.  Jane O. soon discovered her machine light was out and even her spare light was not working.  Not to worry Bill found her the right light in his vast inventory and Jane was "enlightened" and ready to go.  I could not, no matter how hard I tried, could not open a Diet Dr. Pepper.  Bill was there to the rescue.   Below are some of the quilts that have been completed in less than the 24 hours we have been here.  Some of the quilts were in the not sewn, partially sewn and I finally got the last border on stages. 

I'll post all of the vital information on the quilt shop and retreat when the shop opens up later.  You see I arose at the crack of dawn, took my shower and went to the sewing room.  Who could sleep!!  I did get my blue 1600 quilt put together.  Now I just need to find some border material and material for the flowers or circles I want to put in the body of the quilt.  Oh goodness I'll just have to shop.  The fourth picture is Jane O's Kaleidoscope, #5 is Patti's Christmas quilt and #6 is Mary's sampler quilt. 

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