Sunday, February 19, 2012

Gracious is it Sunday already?  Time flies when you are having fun.  I have been busy quilting, enjoying grandchildren and the beautiful sunshine that was here over this beautiful weekend.  I do have a picture of the sunshine along with one of my quilts taken outside on our deck overlooking Lake Freeman.  I just love sunny days.  The quilt is a cheater cloth with 2 borders added.  The fabric is from Moda and was the Bliss line by Thimbleblossoms. 

I also found the quilting chicken sitting on my longarm overlooking a quilt that I am working on now.  The quilting chicken's name is Coleen Marie and she's an original made by Chic-n-Stix Creation.  I turned my back and and when I turned around she was sitting on the quilt checking out the quilting patterns I put on the quilt.  Luckily, the quilting chicken liked my quilting patterns and she's housebroken. 

My next picture was a quilt I was working on yesterday using Ruby fabrics by Thimbleblossoms/Moda.  I love this fabric and the Thimbleblossoms line of fabrics.  There patterns are great also.  You can go to to check out their fabric lines and patterns. 

My next picture is of my Hoosier cabinet which was my grandmother's, Susan Dzuris.  I remember being about five or six years old and turning the flour sifting crank for my beloved grandmother.  I always loved this cabinet as a child.  The last time I saw this cabinet I was 14.  Forward to I think 2001 when I purchased the cabinet from my Aunt Lena.  I hadn't seen the cabinet for probably 35 years.  When I walked down the basement stairs at my aunt's my eyes filled with tears at the sight of the cabinet I had so loved as a child.  This wonderful cabinet is used to hold my quilting items and it still has the flour sifting unit in it that I used as a child.  To some this cabinet may be rickety and old looking, but to me it brings back wonderful memories of my childhood and the grandmother that I so loved. 

Blessings to all.

P.S.  Don't you just love my Let Me Sew, Let Me Sew, Let Me Sew mug.  My great friend Kristie D.  gave me this mug at Christmas this year.  I just love this mug.  I can get a lot of tea in this mug.  Thanks again, Kristie.

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