Monday, June 4, 2012

What a beautiful Monday it is here today in sunny Monticello, Indiana.  The temp got up to about 78 with minimal clouds in the sky.  Great day to enjoy God's beauty.

I was on the lazy side yesterday (Sunday) but then I guess it's okay to have a day of rest once in a while.  I did manage to make some strawberry freezer jam though.  As I was taking the picture of the strawberry jam Gary said, "Really?  You're taking a picture of the jam?"  I told him yes isn't the color just beautiful?  He just shook his head at me and smiled.  He doesn't undedrstand this "blog" thing I'm doing, but that's okay.  This isn't the first time he's wondered why I do what I do.  But isn't my strawberry jam beautiful, I just love the color.  I also discovered this afternoon that the strawberry jam tastes great in my homemade smoothie..I fill my blender about half full of crushed ice, add water maybe a cup and a half, a container of light yogurt, a cup of fat free milk,  some Splenda and then maybe two tablespoons of my strawberry jam, blend and enjoy.  Yummie!!

I am working on quilts today.  I have one of Nancy J's on the machine.  I'll post a picture(s) tomorrow.

Have a great evening.  Blessings to all.

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