Thursday, April 12, 2012

Whew!  I have had a fun and busy four days quilting.  I did get Nancy J's Kaffe Fassett material quilt completed and I will be hand delivering it to Nancy J at the Cincinnati Quilt Show tomorrow.  I've posted a picture here, but unfortunately the material is so busy that the quilting is not showing up well in the picture.  You can see the quilt up close though if you attend the American Quilter Paducah quilt show April 25th through the 28th.  Nancy J will have her mini shop set-up at the Rotary. 

Remember the pile of batik strips I showed you a few days back, well the second picture shows what I did with them.  Another 1600 quilt that is just oozing with color.  I have a border or two to put on yet and some sort of fused on applique pieces.  I then will sew the fused on applique pieces down when I quilt it on my longarm.  I have done this for several of my clients (sewing down fused on applique) and the quilts have some added zip with the applique. 

I also have a picture of a king size quilt I did for Alice C.  The pictures do not do this quilt justice.  Alice made this for her granddaughter.  Lucky granddaughter. 

I hope I can settle down and sleep tonight.  I'm so excited to be attending the Cincinnati Quilt Show.  I am going by bus with a group of quilters from the Logansport, IN area.  I know a few of the ladies, but it will be fun to make new friends tomorrow.  Quilters are always so much fun to be with whether they are longtime friends or new friends. 

Blessings to all.

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  1. I hope I get a chance to see you in Cincinnati. I'm going with Old Tippe guild on a bus.