Saturday, April 14, 2012

The Cincinnati Quilt show sponsored by was well worth the trip yesterday.  Emery Travel, Kim Emery from Logansport, IN was our trip's facilitator and Kim did a great job putting our trip together down to the fat quarter wrapped around a piece homemade of banana bread.  Our trip Mom was Mary Kay H.  Mary Kay was a great little mother hen keeping all of her little chicks safe and sound and didn't lose anyone. 

The show itself held at the Duke Energy Center aimed to please in the creature comforts with food vendors, chocolate and nut vendors and coffee, tea and soft drinks were easily available when we needed a break.  The show's quilts were stunning and thought provoking.  I am always amazed at how diverse quilting has become.  I enjoyed chatting with my dealer Jeff Benedict and Bekki Lund, sales manager from Accomplish Quilting ( in Stevensville, MI at the Gammill booth.  I will admit I missed not longarm quilting yesterday, but Bekki told me I could run one of the three machines that was set-up in the Gammill booth.  I declined since the booth was busy with soon to be new owners.
I've got a few pictures of the items I purchased.  I found some great Kaffe Fassett fabrics from Nancy J's and Material Girls booths.  I also purchased some wool felt balls which I needed for a project.  I'll show you some pictures when those projects are completed.  And how about the 30 yard by 96" roll of Hobbs batting I purchased from the Hobbs booth.  I did get some strange and inquisitive looks from people as I was pulling my batting down the center aisle of the show.  When I was ready to walk out the exit from the show one of the security guards joked with me that well I can't stop you from using a wheeled cart since the batting doesn't have any wheels on it.  I am so glad that the 24 passenger bus that took us to the show had a wide and tall storage area.  One of my fellow trip attendees (Betty) has purchased a 30 yard roll of batting.  Actually, I have to thank Betty for showing me her roll of batting.  It was 4:30 pm and we had to line up for our bus at 5:00 pm so I made a mad dash back to the Hobbs Batting booth to see if they had any 30 yard rolls of batting left. Luckily they did.  When I got home last night hauling my batting purchase into the house my husband Gary looked at me and said, "Really, you went all the way to Cincinnati and brought home a 30 yard roll of batting?"  I told him it was a great purchase since I didn't have to pay shipping charges.  I do have some of my quilts ready to be quilted so now I have the batting (that is if I ever get my quilts quilted).

Well I'm off to Kroger to buy some groceries to make some chicken/vegetable soup.  Yum!

Blessings to all.

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