Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Wow these are days that put a smile on your face.  Abundant sunshine and 70'ish degree weather.  Who could ask for more, well if you also throw in a trip to Rossville Quilts, 356 West Main St., Rossville, IN 46065 phone:765-379-2900 or www.rossvillequilts.com your day couldn't get much better.  Rossville Quilts went under an extensive addition the last several months and was closed from the end of February until today.  I just couldn't wait to see the new shop and I was glad I made the 25 mile trip from my house.  Marcia Crail, the owner. greeted me and handed me a fabric bag to use while I was shopping and I even got to take the bag home with me.  Yes, I know it takes so little to excite me.  Marcia was gracious to allow me to take some pictures of the shop to show you some of the items that are in the shop.  I hope you enjoy viewing the pictures and when you get a chance stop by Rossville Quilts or go to their online store at www.rossvillequilts.com

Blessings to all.

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