Thursday, March 22, 2012

Is it really Thursday already?  I've quilted six (well almost six one is still on the machine) quilts since Sunday so I guess I don't have to ask myself what I've been doing all week.  After today I hope to take off from quilting until Monday since I have company coming in this weekend. Although I would love to quilt my 1600 quilt with the purple tulips that I posted a picture of before. Sunday will be Eli (Boom-Boom's) second birthday.  I've posted a picture of him since he came to visit us yesterday.  He was ready to work since he had his yellow hard hat on.  Isn't he just the cutest?

I've also posted pictures of the quilts I've worked on this week.  Each quilt that I have on the machine is always my favorite until I get the next one loaded.  I really appreciate the care and love each quilter puts into their quilt.  I've always looked at my own quilts as a diary of my life.  I can remember what was going on in my life and where I was when I look at my quilts.  How about you is your quilt a diary for you? 

The quilt pictures are some of the quilts I've quilted this week made by Jane O., Beth W, Pam H and the quilt with the orange border is one I made for my great-great niece, Kayleigh.  I hope you enjoy the quilts. It has been a great week to quilt since I have had the doors and windows open so I can enjoy the absolutely wonderful weather our Lord gave us this week. 

Blessings to all.

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