Saturday, March 17, 2012

HAPPY NATIONAL QUILT DAY!!!  As if we needed a reason to quilt, but today is National Quilt Day.  I hope everyone gets a chance to sit at their sewing machine or maybe go to their favorite quilt shop today.  When I think about my Grandma Snider making me a king size quilt when Gary and I got married almost 40 years ago (geez where has the time gone) my heart feels joy.  Grandma would be very surprised to see me today quilting.  I don't think I truly appreciated the care and work grandma and her sister put into my quilt, although, I did take good care of my quilt.  I'll be posting a picture soon.  I read somewhere once that when a person gives you  a gift they made with their hands they give you a piece of their heart.  I think that is a very accurate and loving statement.  So enjoy your day and I hope you get to quilt today.

I've posted a few pictures of some of my favorite things today.  The two little redhead girls are two of my granddaughters, Carly is on the left and Abigale is on the right.  Aren't they beautiful?  They spent the night with Grandma and Grandpa and after filling them up with blueberry pancakes, brown sugar sausage and scrambled eggs they are back home enjoying the abundant sunshine with their three siblings.

I also have a picture of some wonderful tea I've been enjoying today.  My sweet friend Sandy W.  presented me with the can of Hazelnut Truffle by Tea Forte' yesterday.  Aren't sweet friends wonderful to have in our lives?  Thanks again, Sandy. I shared some of the tea with Gary this morning and he even liked it and he's not a tea drinker.  I'm not sure which one I like the best.  I've also been enjoying Blackberry Sage by The Republic of Tea which my friend Sue K. got me hooked on.  The teas both have their own distinct taste and feel so good on my scratchy throat.

Now my last pictures are of two of the quilts I worked on this week and are owned by Gina K.  The blackwork of baskets quilt is really stunning although the picture doesn't do it justice. Some day I'll have the patience to do blackwork/redwork.  The navy and cream quilt is really an eye catcher and will be beautiful hanging in Gina's family room.  Thanks Gina for allowing me to quilt these quilts.

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  1. I love the pointy things extending in the border. It really ties it all together.