Monday, July 30, 2012

Good Morning Everyone!!  Where does the time go.  I see I have not posted since last Wednesday.  I did finish up three quilts last week, worked at Nancy J's booth at the Kokomo Road Trip Quilt show on Friday and enjoyed a wonderful visit from my brother John and my favorite sister-in-law Jane over the weekend.  So I guess that's where my time has gone.  Oh, I almost forgot Gary and I had three of the five dumplings (Jacob, Abigale and Eli) over for the night Friday night.  Wow, no wonder I slept so good last night. 

I did start my quilt week last night when I loaded and completed a quilt with an all over pinwheel pattern.  I surprised myself completing that quilt.  I am now getting ready to load an absolutely beautiful batik quilt.  The colors are so vibrant and happy that I can't help but smile back at this quilt.  I'll post some pictures later .

Blessings to all.

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