Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Blessings all.  We spent the day yesterday at the White County 4-H Fair watching our two oldest grandchildren, Audrye Kate and Jacob, show their pigs.  I've posted some pictures below of the grandchildren readying the pigs.  Even Abigale and Carly helped out brushing so the pigs would look their best.  I am snickering at the one picture of Audrey Kate as she is giving one of the pigs water.  The pigs almost seems to be smiling back at Audrey Kate.  We enjoyed watching Jacob show his pigs since this was his first year to show pigs.  He told his Dad he would love to raise pigs.  We shall see if this statement comes to be.  Eli kept us all busy making sure he didn't stray too far.  His Mom has discovered that Eli does not like cows.  When she was pushing him in his stoller through the dairy barn he would cover his face with his hands.  Thanks for taking the time to look at the pictures of ou special day.

Oh, and I did get a quilt quilted when we got home last night from the fair.  Not bad for a "60" year old woman.!!

Blessings to all.


  1. Takes me back to the farm days, seems like another lifetime ago. My dad used to have pigs and other animals, mainly sheep, cattle, and cropping. Part of my history includes dairy farming too. Long way from quilting!

  2. Small world, Jude. I spent many of my dates with Gary helping him with his Dad's dairy herd. We couldn't go out on our date until the cows were milked. That is a long way from quilting. Blessings.