Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Happy Tuesday!  It is such a beautiful day here in Monticello, IN today.  The temp is just right upper 70's and low humidity.  Great day to have the windows open and enjoy God's gentle breeze.  I think my daughter Kristen is celebrating today . . . . . three of the five children are back in school today.  Can I hear a Yee HAA!  Carly will start back to pre-school after Labor Day and Eli aka Boom Boom will have to wait a few years.  I have a picture of him and Audrey Kate when they were at our house last night.  Audrey Kate says Eli gives her a great work-out by using him as a human barbell.  He does weight 38.6  pounds so he should give her arms a decent work out.

I've  posted a few pictures of some quilts I worked on this past weekend and yesterday.  I am on a mission for the next three weeks to get more of my work-in quilts completed and back to their owners.  The 30's Star block quilt was pieced my Virginia S.  I have always admired 30's fabric for its relaxing colors.  Virginia said she likes lots of quilting so I think this quilt is pretty well covered in quilting.  Nancy Haacke's patterns (www.digitizedquiltingpatterns.com) really made this quilt shine along with some freehand quilting. 

Bethany M. made this beautiful batik quilt in turquoise and brown for a male family member.  I chose a curlique pattern which I feel is a great quilt pattern for a more masculine touch.  But this pattern also lends itself for a feminine touch as well.  It's a great neutral pattern called Curlique #2357 by Tammy Finkler www.tkquilting.com  Enjoy your day.

Blessings to all.

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