Thursday, August 30, 2012

Happy Thursday! My heart goes out the all of the people who are being affected by hurrican Isaac.  The weather report is saying we could have heavy rains here in Indiana this weekend due to Isaac.  We'll have to keep a watch out.

 It's been another busy week quilting.  I'm still trying to get all of the work-in quilts done as well as the regularly scheduled ones.  Whew!  I'm still smiling though.  And how could I not when I have been allowed to work on the beautiful quilts shown below.  Everything is coming up roses on the beautiful pink/black quilt with the bright pink backing.  And look at the smiles on the yellow/turquoise quilt (pictures 5 & 6).  The tan/purple/green quilt is a handsome looking quilt. (pictures  3 & 4)  All of these quilts were pieced by Sue G.  Sadly, I have to send these quilts back to Sue tomorrow.  It's time for them to go back home. 

No rest today though since I am working on a halloween themed quilt by Nancy J. which I'll post when it is finished.  I need to get the pattern for this quilt since you can use continuous pieces of fabric on either side of the six blocks.  I always have trouble cutting up some pieces of beautiful material.  The pattern calles for a 14" x  70" and a 30" x 70" piece of continuous material.  Stay tuned for pictures. 

Blessings to all.


  1. You have been busy with the quilting. Did you get some rain, or is it too late in the season for you? Spring has begun here now, and the crops are looking good. More rain forecast for later this week.

  2. Hi Jude. We did get rain over the weekend, which should help the beans. Too late for the corn crop though. I hope your farmers have a much better season. Enjoy spring. We are heading to the end of summer. Great quilts you have been working on. Your Statler retreat looked like a great time was enjoyed by all. Blessings.