Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Blessings everyone.  It has warmed up nicely here in beautiful Monticello, Indiana.  I've even got my socks off today.

Below are a few pictures of a quilt I completed for Nancy J.  She will have this quilt on display in her booth at AQS DesMoines in a few weeks.  It is patriotic in theme so I quilted each block with some kind of a star pattern.  I am always amazed at what the Statler can do, great precision.  But having said that it does take a lot of time to quilt out a quilt when you are quilting individual blocks/sections.  Would you believe this quilt took 9 1/2 hours to complete? I only mention this because some people have commented that it is so easy and quick to quilt out a quilt using computerized patterns.  This quilt is 72.75" x 54.75" so it is hardly a huge quilt but the precision the Statler quilts out the quilt is amazing.  Longarm quilting whether doing freehand work or a computer is challenging but it is also rewarding, especially when you see the quilters happy face after they've viewed their quilted quilt for the first time.

Blessings to all.


  1. well done, and I agree, the computer does make for accuracy, but is not always quicker by the time its set up, usually as the piecing is not exact!