Saturday, June 29, 2013

Hello from rainy and cloudy but still beautiful Monticello, Indiana, USA.  I must confess the rain and clouds did not bother me today because I spent the day sewing!  I was invited to be on Queen Gayle O's court.  Gayle won the drawing at a Rossville Quilt Shop (  By winning Gayle won a free sew in day for herself and her subjects and a gift certificate.  Rossville Quilts greeted us with smiles, crowns, beaded necklaces and yummy cookies.  I mean who cares if it is raining and cloudy outside when you can spend the day sewing with fellow quilters.  Even though I didn't know some of these ladies for very long we were soon sharing our quilting ideas and quilting tips.

One quilting tip I learned today is that I need to start carrying baby wipes with me when I am sewing.  One of the irons one of the ladies was using left a slight stain on her project.  She quickly wiped the stain with a baby wipe and voila no more stain.  Who knew baby wipes worked so well.  I'm a believer now.

I did finish a quilt top using the Glamping fabric by Moda I purchased last week at the International Quilt show at Rosemont.  The quilt pattern was a quick pattern I purchased from Nancy J's Quilt Shop, Wabash, Indiana.  The pattern is called Sundance at  I liked this pattern because you don't have to cut up material into small pieces.  To me the Glamping fabric just shouldn't be cut up otherwise you would lose the pattern on the fabric.  So the Sundance pattern  was just perfect and it went together quickly.  When I saw the fabric I immediately knew how I would quilt the quilt.   Yes, I know most quilters pick a quilt pattern and material and then decide how they want the quilt quilted.  But since I am a Longarm quilter I find the quilting (stitching) pattern first then find the material to compliment the quilting (stitching) pattern.  And would you believe I have a great quilting (stitching) pattern by Nancy Haacke at The pattern has the little trailers on it just like the ones on the Glamping fabric.  I can hardly wait to quilt this little quilt.

Have a great time the rest of your weekend.  Blessings to all.

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  1. It's always a treat to have sewing time, and yes I do think that machine quilters think more about the quilting before they make the quilt. Glamping seems to be the latest best thing to do!