Friday, March 22, 2013

Happy, happy, happy Friday everyone.  The sun is shining brightly here in beautiful Monticello, Indiana, but my goodness it is still cold, cold, cold.  At least we don't have any snow on the ground, but I hear that could change later this weekend.  Okay enough about the weather at least it is SUNNY!

I have had an interesting week.  I really thought I would use this week as a catch-up week for longarm quilting, but while I was having lunch on Monday I broke a tooth.  Luckily, my dentist was able to get me in later that afternoon.  And so a crown prep was started, but little did I know this would be the easy part of my week.  On Tuesday night I became terrible ill which I realized happened to me the last time I had major dental work.  So I'll have to have a discussion with my dentist when I get my new crown placed to see what previst treatment I can try to head off becoming sick.  I did get dressed today and I think I'm getting my strength back slowly. I am thankful that God's healing hand was placed on me today.

I do hope everyone who may read this blog today has had a joyful week.  Blessings to all.

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