Monday, January 28, 2013

Happy, January 28th everyone.  What extreme weather we've had the past few days.  Rain, sleet, snow, freezing temps  and  a thunderstorm is scheduled for Tuesday.  You just gotta love Indiana in the winter time.

I really have been busy quilting away the last three weeks of the new year.   Sorry no pictures but I really was busy working on  quilts for Mary, Pam, Joann, Sharon and Jane.  I love my job!!  I mean how could I not being allowed to work on all of the beautiful quilts.    And I have a beauty on my quilting table right now beautifully pieced by Carla done in blue and green batiks.  It really is a gorgeous quilt.

I attended the Calico Cut-Ups quilt guild meeting on Monday.  The Calico Cut-ups are a quild that meets on the 2nd and 4th Monday  of the month at the Methodist church on Main Street in beautiful Monticello, Indiana at 9:30 am (est).  A very talented group of quilters from beginners to advanced and everything in between.  I classify myself as "in-between", although some days I still feel like a beginner.  Do you ever feel like a beginner even though you have been quilting for years?

Well it is 2:00 am and I really should get settled in and get some sleep.  At least I know in my head how I want to quilt Carla's beautiful quilt when I start working on it in a few hours.  Good night all.

Blessings to all.


  1. Glad you are ok, was wondering how things were, with no posts. Sad you have not sorted out the photo thing yet. YOur weather is so different, Australia is a land of heat, floods and fires this month.

  2. Hi, Jude, nice to hear from you. I still haven't taken the time to sort out the blog/picture situation, but I have been busy quilting. I'm glad to know you are safe and sound. I did notice Australia is having some menacing weather. I see you have been busy quilting away as well. I always enjoy seeing the lovely quilts your quilters entrust to your expert workmanship. Blessings.