Thursday, January 17, 2013

Happy Thursday everyone.  What a beautiful (even if it was cold) day today here in sunny Monticello.  It has been a distracting week for me as far as quilting so I plan to be quilting all weekend, but that's okay.  I figure any day in January that is sunny with no snow or ice is one day closer to spring.  And just a little tidbit to share, did you know we will gain 45 minutes of daylight for the month of January?  Yippee, I love more daylight.

Sorry this is so short and no pictures are posted, but I still haven't decided how to post more pictures.

Have a happy Friday everyone.

Blessings to all.


  1. Still can't understand why you have to pay to post pics. I have never had to pay and have never received notice about ever having to pay. Did they email you?

  2. Hi, Viki. Google did not send me a notice. But when I try and post a picture it stops me and says I will have to purchase GB's. I really wish I could actually speak to someone at Google rather than read what their site has listed . Thanks for asking though. Have fun at ?your retreat. Blessings.