Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Happy Sunny Wednesday!  Atleast the sun is shining here in beautiful Monticello, Indiana, USA.  I'm sorry I have not been writing lately, but with working 6-7 days a week to finish up all of the quilt orders I have been way busy.

Also, I am pondering whether to keep this blog going.  Google has informed me that I must now pay to have pictures posted.  Apparently, I am only allowed so many GB/MG and I have used up my allotment.  I also had a nerve wrenching experience of having my credit card breached while using it online.  All I can say is thank you First Merchants Bank for keeping an eye on my card.  The service department at First Merchants called me yesterday and asked if I had been in New Zealand and Great Britain the last week or Missouri.  Sorry I have not left the state of Indiana or the USA.  Why don't people get real, honest to goodness jobs like the rest of us and use the internet for the good of everyone? So now I am really hesitant to do any internet shopping.  So Google I'm not sure where this blog will be going.  If anyone out there has some recommendations for me on not having to pay to post pictures, please let me know.

Well I have to run and finish a quilt that is on "Miss Smith" right now.  I do love my job.

Blessings to all.


  1. I have had my blog much longer than you and have many more posts and haven't heard such news from them. Seems strange. I will miss keeping up with you.

  2. I have not heard any such news about blogspot either, maybe it's one of those scam emails?? Don't stop blogging.

  3. I just changed my virus protection user so I will try adding some pictures and see if I get a response from Google. Hopefully, my computer is safe now. I think I should just purchase an Apple and not worry about the bad people out there that our trying to hack my computer. Shame on those bad people.

  4. I have an Apple and absolutely love it. My artistic daughter has an Apple and loves it. On the other hand, Lane and Olivia are PC people and just don't understand Apple. It is so intuitive to Margot and me but causes no end of frustration for those in my family that think differently.