Saturday, November 17, 2012

Happy Sunny Saturday and Happy Quilting Day.  What a beautiful day of bright sunshine today and 50 some degrees.  I'll take that combination any day in November.  My guys (Gary and David) are out deer hunting since it is the first day of shotgun season here in Indiana.  I really think they just go out to enjoy each other's company and to "watch" the deer.  But don't tell them I told you that.

I am happy to show an absolutely beautiful quilt I had the pleasure to work on this week.  I don't think the pictures really do this quilt justice, but I tried to take pleasing pictues of the quilt.  I have the greatest respect for beautiful, exceptional piecing of quilt blocks and Pam S. really did an extraordinatry job on this quilt.  Pam said the quilt was a block of the month quilt pattern from Rossville Quilts in Rossville, IN.  I'm not sure if this was last years' pattern, but this is a lovely pattern.  Pam said she wanted "lots of quilting" on this quilt and thankfully she wasn't disappointed with my choice of patterns.  It was fun to watch Pam look at each quilting pattern as she delighted in seeing her quilt top now become a quilt.  I really do have a great respect for each quilt top that I am allowed to quilt.  I appreciate the love and effort each quilter puts into their quilt tops and I truly am honored that I am entrusted to turn the quilt top into a quilted quilt.  Thank you, Pam.

I'm glad I had a quick half hour rest this afternoon because Boom-Boom a.k.a. Eli is coming to spend the night at Grandma and Grandpa's tonight.  I'm excited to have some one on one time with him, although he likes one of his siblings to come with him.  I'll have to make sure I am armed with fruit snacks and have his sippy cup full of a fresh smoothie during the exchange process.  I have learned being a Grandma of five grandchildren that food and/or drink always works. 

Blessings to all.


  1. beautiful quilting job, once again, well done and enjoy time with your grandson.

  2. BOM take so much effort to do but look amazing given the time, which obviously you did. No wonder she was pleased.

  3. Thank you ladies for your kind comments. This quilt did take a long time to quilt given that quilt patterns were sized and placed in each block/half square triangle, border, etc. I also did freehand work which was fun and rewarding for me to do. Viki, so glad to know you are doing better after eye surgery and that you are back at your machine. And, Jude, we are enjoying time with Eli. He and Papa are out riding the golf cart right now. Again, thank you ladies for your kind words. Aren't we all lucky to quilt all of the beautiful quilts our clients entrust with us? Blessings.